Thursday, 27 June 2013

I hope I don’t stand alone when I say that it is incredibly frustrating to have to put on a blazer or cardigan to have to cover up your shoulders and arms at work.  Thus, I am attempting to get away with a muscle cut top…it somewhat cover the shoulders.   I wore a black skirt for work but had to immediately change into some shorts to stay alive after.  There should be a labour law somewhere that includes the exceptions to the dress code at work that expresses some sympathy for weather that is over 86 degrees fahrenheit/30 degrees celcius!  What do you think?

The black skirt I got a really long time ago from Wilfred at Aritizia, the grey crop top I made myself from cotton material I purchased at a fabric store but a similar top can be found here at Urban Outfitters (and on sale now too!). 

The blue shorts are called Alvin by Babaton from Aritzia. Here is the link.  

The necklace is called the Crystal Cluster Necklace from J. Crew.  Finally, the sandals are from HM, I am the biggest endorser of anyone buying gladiator sandals from HM for they are truly the most durable and comfortable gladiator sandals I have ever worn!

That's all from this freaky life for today!

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